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Bachelor of Arts in Music, Music Education, Music Technology & Production, and Musical Theatre, Music Track. Minor offerings are offered in music, music technology & production, and musical theatre

All students intending to major in Music, Music Education, Music Technology and Production, or Musical Theater, Music Track are required to audition and be interviewed by members of the music faculty. Approval from the Department of Music must be obtained before declaring as a music major.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music

The bachelor of arts in music has five areas of focus: History/Literature; Theory/Composition; Performance; Jazz; Church Music, and Music Technology. The program is a broad experience of the various aspects of music history, music theory, performance, and ensemble participation within the liberal arts context of the College.

Music Major Suggested Plan of Study

Music Major Credit Requirements
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The Bachelor of Arts in Music Education

The Bachelor of Arts in Music Education is a balance between the liberal arts program of the College and the requirements for both the music and education departments for the certification process in music education. Combined with required field experiences and 12 credits of student teaching, music education candidates will have an understanding of past and current methodologies and research in the field of music education. This K-12 music education program will prepare students for certification in the state of Rhode Island, which as reciprocity with more than 40 states throughout the country..
Testing requirements for Providence College Education programs.
Providence College is a test optional institution. However, due to state teacher certification regulations, completion of an education program requires passing a variety of standardized basic skills, teaching skills, and content knowledge tests at various points throughout the program. Therefore, acceptance into Providence College is separate from acceptance into an education program.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology and Production

The Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology and Production is a specialized major where you will learn how to produce professional-quality music, as well as gain hands-on experience using music hardware and software technology, all while acquiring an understanding of the music industry. In combination PC’s well-rounded liberal arts curriculum, MTP graduates will be prepared for viable careers in the evolving music and media industries.

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Music Major – Musical Theatre Track

The Musical Theatre Concentration aims to develop the student’s talent and ability with the goal of helping the students discover their own unique abilities in musical theatre.  A successful professional in musical theatre must possess strong technical skills in acting, voice, music and dance with the ability to integrate these skills with ease, expressiveness and versatility.  As such this concentration requires coursework in music, acting, and dance combined with many performance opportunities.  In order to concentrate in Musical Theatre, students must elect either a music or theatre major.  This assures that they will have a deep grounding in a least of the two foundational areas of musical theatre.

Music Major Music Theatre Track Suggested Plan of Study
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Liturgical Music

The major in Liturgical Music at Providence College is inherently a portrayal of interdisciplinarity drawing from both theology and music. With concentrations primarily in voice or keyboards (organ and piano), the major prepares students with a liberal arts degree to serve as church musician and/or continue studies at the graduate level.

Liturgical Music Major Suggested Plan of Study

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